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Due to a lack of employment opportunities, many graduates have lost interest in Nigeria. The only way to succeed in Nigeria without social privilege or mobility is to possess IT skills.

My name is Ola, and in this essay, I’ll describe some IT skills that graduate or undergraduate students can pick up to be able to make fantastic money online and support themselves.

Regardless of your age, gender, or anything else, there are a variety of IT skills that you can learn on your own. If you’re the type of person who wonders whether they’re too old to enroll in an IT course, the answer is that there is no upper age restriction for IT skills. I studied computer science and began learning website design and development in my final year. I used my final year project as an opportunity to pick up some web development skills.

Before I continue with this essay, allow me to mention some of the IT abilities that you can learn on your own to become self-sufficient. Some of these talents involve money, while others don’t.

No of your age or gender, you may learn the IT skills listed below.

Web development and design

Internet advertising

Affiliate promotion

Design and creation of mobile applications


design of hybrid mobile applications

digital competence

Microsoft software

design for print

networked computers

Repairing mobile phones

data evaluation

Internet safety

Writing content

image editing

Development of applications and website design

It’s not too late for you to join the league because this component of technology has been there for a while and has helped many individuals make fantastic internet money. You can create a website using a content management system (CMS) or from scratch, which is one of two approaches to establish a website.

Website developers fall into one of three categories: front-end, back-end, or full-stack. While a back-end developer is in charge of a website’s logical aspects, or what happens within the “black box,” a front-end developer is responsible for the layout and design of your website. A full-stack developer is someone who performs both frontend and backend development tasks.

A front-end developer needs certain tools, like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Javascript, Jquery, and others. A backend developer needs to have access to a number of tools, including PHP, SQL, MYSQL, PYTHON, JAVA, LARAVEL, DJANGO, and others.

As I mentioned previously, there are two ways to build a website: from scratch and using a CSM (Content Management System). Learn how to utilize WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc. if you want to build a website from scratch. These are a few of the CMSs that are most frequently used.


Depending on your level of expertise, web/website design and development is a trendy field in this generation. You can work remotely for a firm and design a website for your personal use if you know how to build a dynamic website for both business and personal usage.

Design and development of mobile applications

Another skill you can learn as an individual is mobile application design and development, which is very lucrative. If you are very skilled in mobile app development, it is a good way to be earning your cool online money; you can work remotely for companies as a mobile app developer and you can create one for yourself for personal use and earn from it.

A mobile app developer needs certain tools, such Android Studio, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Ionic, Electron, etc. Depending on the kind of mobile application you intend to design, this may be the case.

In addition to falling behind because they lack IT skills, most companies and startups no longer hire people without them. In addition, there are some organizations that will make you useless if you have even a single IT skill because they want you to be able to accomplish more with fewer resources.

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If you have IT skills, it would be quite simple for you to work from home and make more than $50 every day. The most common problems, in my opinion, are how to get started and where to start from. This page will provide answers to these queries.


As a result, I would advise anyone reading this article to enroll in an IT course if they haven’t already. As I’ve explained in my post, there are many IT courses available, and having IT skills is a distinct advantage because, as is well known, it can be challenging to find employment these days without them.

The next volume of this article will also cover how to make money with those IT skills without being hired by any company, as we all know that in order to have peace of mind, you need to be self-reliant. What someone can earn in a few days is what you are waiting for to have in 30 days, sometimes it might even be more than 30 days. This is volume 1 (one) of this article. I will explain those IT skills one after the other in the later volume.



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