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How To Make Money Offline In Nigeria

There are still some lucrative ways to get money in Nigeria that don’t involve stealing, despite the fact that everyone is now completely embracing the digital world and ignoring the possibility of earning money offline.

Making money offline doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving the digital world behind if it’s done properly. You’ll be using the digital realm to promote sales and make money offline.

The only thing that separates folks who make their living offline from you is that they work exclusively online and don’t need to physically meet the customer or employee in order to conduct business.

On the other side, since you’ll be earning money offline while potentially leveraging the digital world, you’ll need to interact in person with your customers. However, the digital world may be a means of creating sales.

Hello, my name is Benjamin, and I’m the creator and chief teacher of one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding freelancing brands in the world. In this article, you’ll learn in-depth details about how Nigerians can generate money offline.

As an offline earner, you will be able to produce more sales by following the practical steps I’ll be showing you.

Although you still do the majority of your business offline, you will undoubtedly need access to the digital market if you want to increase your sales.

Enough already; let’s move on to the legal ways you can make money in Nigeria.

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Nigerian methods for making money offline

turning into a realtor

establishing an import/export business

animal rearing

promoting electrical devices

making soap

There are more than five things you can do to earn money offline, but I want to be very specific with you. This is why all of the work done here is so incredibly profitable.

What will I be talking about underneath them? I’ll explain what these companies are all about, how to start small and succeed big, and the difficulties you’ll encounter.

The majority of blogs you will find online will not notify you of the difficulties you will face; instead, they just care that everything appears to be a ready-made fortune, which is not how things work.

I hope I’m not scaring you away, but these difficulties are nothing to be concerned about, and I’ll explain to you how to overcome them. To keep the light on, you simply need a lot of illumination!

profitable offline ventures in Nigeria


Realtors are people in charge of selling, leasing, and lending homes.

Even though this is one of the most profitable offline businesses, it needs a lot of money to get off the ground.

However, there is a tip I’ll share with you based on what I saw from a senior colleague of mine; he began his real estate firm with a modest plan.

First of all, he is aware of what it takes to succeed as a realtor, including the need for capital to launch a business in real estate and achieve rapid expansion.


But that’s exactly what he did; he began by working as a representative for a tiny hostel that is primarily occupied by students. He developed and established himself gradually.

At the moment, he is doing well.

As a housing agent, you can experience difficulties finding clients who will enjoy the home you are showing them, as well as difficulties if you expand your business (by representing student dormitories).

If you are a hostel agent for Lagos State University, you can anticipate to obtain students who would rent a house every month; nevertheless, the demand for housing only decreases around the time of their resumption.

establishing an import-export business

This takes a lot of time; I tried it once but gave up because I was still a student and needed to concentrate on my studies. But I might join shortly.

Importing and exporting involves purchasing items from foreign nations like China and reselling them in Nigeria. Because these things are inexpensive, you purchase them from China and resell them here.

If you want to learn more about this method of earning money, import and export are completely separate topics. You are welcome to comment on this post; doing so will encourage me to produce more useful stuff like this. As a result, we will just discuss the importing and exportation business; this will serve as a complete setup guide.


animal rearing

Because of its production, livestock has always been profitable; starting this type of business doesn’t require a lot of money.

Start small by getting a small pen to house 5–10 animals, feeding them properly, and then keeping an eye on how your business develops.

The majority of individuals won’t advise you right now how to make this business profitable, specifically how to sell these animals. Although it is an offline firm, you will need to use the digital world to your advantage to generate significant sales.

You will need a website to optimize your sales. Depending on the individual who creates the website and the host he or she is utilizing, the average website may cost between $15,000 and $20,000.

There is undoubtedly an alternative if you don’t have the funds for a website; you can hire someone to run effective advertisements that work for you. For help with your website design or advertising, get in touch with me.

making soap

Since soap is a requirement, you will benefit the most from this. All you need to do is sign up for the training and set something up with a small amount.

Before you can start creating soap, you do not need to possess a sizable soap manufacturing business; instead, you can start in your neighborhood and leave opportunity for improvement.


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