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In this post, I will explain why effort does not always result in success. Does effort always result in success? Well, hard labour may be necessary, but it is not sufficient; you can be a hard-working individual who always contributes his best, but you still don’t achieve your goals. Hardworking (of a person) characterised by a tendency to work with vigour and dedication; diligent.

You may have even heard people say, “Work hard and success will come to you,” but success will only come to you if you are working hard on the right thing, in the right order, and towards the right goal. When I was young, I worked as a farm labourer. I would wake up at 5 a.m. and be in the field by the time the sun rose.

Despite the fact that you may need to work hard to achieve your objective, working hard alone is not sufficient. Does hard work always lead to success? merely answer NO.

Tips for achievement and success

To ensure that you are devoting your efforts in the correct direction in order to reach your objective, you must define your objective explicitly.

Specify precisely what you wish to accomplish.

One of the things that I have learned is that achieving a goal is very much like stages, there are series of steps, you have to write the steps on paper, another thing that I have discovered is that you should learn how to think on paper, the more time you spent planning the more you accomplish faster, the rule that I have discovered is called the 10-1 rule, for every minute that you spend planning you accomplish ten minutes of work.


There is a principle that states, if you have an hour to solve a problem, you should spend the first 55 minutes studying the problem and the last 5 minutes solving it.

You must have the most effective plan in order.

There are numerous ways to achieve an objective; it is up to you to choose the best one. You must be able to accomplish more with fewer resources, and you can always seek advice from others in order to use the best approach and do the right thing.

Periodically review your progress and search for ways to enhance your working method.

If you are working in the wrong way, you will not achieve any results; you will not make the kind of progress you desire; ensure that you are deviated from your goal; and be adaptable, flexible, and open-minded; try different methods to solve different problems.

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Many people believe that if you labour hard or 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you will achieve success; this is completely false.

Many of us have likely overworked ourselves to the point of exhaustion or even mortality in an effort to achieve success. However, hard work is neither the only nor the greatest way to achieve success. There are multiple ways to achieve achievement. We are all aware that a day has only 24 hours. What you do with those hours will determine whether or not you achieve success.

A task list is essential, and I don’t mean a hastily scrawled note in your phone. Everyone needs a comprehensive plan to remain concentrated. Whether you use pen and paper or software on your laptop is entirely up to you. Carefully separate the objectives into short- and long-term categories. Obviously, it is not always possible to complete all of our duties in a day or even a month. Occasionally, an evening cold-calling session is interrupted by a child’s soccer game or the arrival of a neighbour. After listing responsibilities, it is advisable to number them in order of priority.


Work ethic is also essential, but only in the right manner and towards attainable goals. The answer to the question of whether or not hard labour actually leads to success is no. Working diligently in the proper manner will serve as a catalyst to accelerate the rate of your success.


According to my knowledge, the number of hours you work per day does not determine how much you earn per day; working smartly is preferred to working diligently; laziness is discouraged; however, working smartly is preferred.


To become a truly dedicated individual, you must constantly alter your perspective to ensure that whatever you’re working on is the most important thing you could be doing to achieve your most important objective. According to successful individuals, the worst way to waste time is to exert effort on the wrong objective and with the wrong method.


Imagine working 12 hours per day and earning $50,000 per month. When would you want to purchase a $3 million automobile? Moreover, you desire to construct a comfortable home that will not cost less than $5 million.

Working diligently towards an attainable objective is the best approach.








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