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I’d want to share some of the inner workings of a great website designer before I go into how you may advertise yourself as a web designer. Don’t be a lazy web designer and just paste stuff in. Learn in a businesslike manner, and you’ll increase your chances of being employed by respected firms. Those with a background in computer science or a similar field aren’t the only ones who can design websites. Interest, time, money, and dedication are the only real requirements; if those are met, you’re ready to begin.

Here are a few promotional strategies you can use to promote your web design services.

Maintain a regular online portfolio.

As a web designer, you should have a portfolio website, which can be either static or regularly updated pages showcasing your work. Your online portfolio should feature all of your most significant accomplishments. Include a little bit about who you are and what you’re interested in. The website that showcases your work should be uncomplicated, accurate, and straightforward to use.

People can reach out to you, learn more about you, and read feedback on your prior projects all through your online portfolio. Some free hosting packages are available, or you can choose to host your portfolio website on a paid hosting plan.

Heroku, 000webhostapp, github, etc., all provide free hosting options; a portfolio website demonstrates your expertise and attracts new clients. A portfolio website is essential if you want to work as a freelancer online, as potential clients would want to see examples of your previous work.


Use github as a repository.

Website designers are expected to keep all of their projects’ files and revision histories in a github repository that is both active and accessible to everyone who needs to access them. The repository serves as a central hub for project-related communication and management. Creating a website for a customer and nothing else is the only focus of the vast majority of web designers.More information on github, including how to commit your project on github, create a repository, and host your website on github, will be explored in depth in the subsequent sections of this post.

You, as a web designer, need to be familiar with github’s many repositories and how to use them to your advantage. When you know how to navigate Github and put its various capabilities to good use, it will streamline your processes and save you time.

Create a regular resume/CV.

A developer’s CV should include the usual information about their education and experience, as well as a list of their most significant works and projects. Include any relevant work history, managerial duties, etc. You can get your foot in the door at large corporations if you have a standard CV to submit with your application.

Perhaps you’re under the assumption that a CV isn’t necessary for a job as a website designer, but the reality is that the vast majority of businesses do require one. Having a resume that follows industry standards and is well-organized will help you land your ideal job.


Place Ads on Social Media

A banner for social media ads is a great way to offer your services to potential customers, and as a professional website designer, you understand the concepts, methods, stages, and guide lines for developing a standard and professional website. The effectiveness of social media advertisements varies widely, as do their associated costs. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. help companies, business owners, and young entrepreneurs advertise their products and services; your banner for social media adverts shouldn’t be ponderous; it should be simple and precise; it shouldn’t be wordy; when it comes to Facebook ads, there are terms and conditions that must be met before you will be able to run adverts on Facebook.

How much you spend on Facebook advertisements is determined by many factors, like where you live, how many people you want to contact, and so on. In the next part of this series, I plan to delve more deeply into the topic of social media advertisements.

Join the Programming Community

Working with a community of other developers is one of the best ways to promote yourself as a website designer. Joining a group of developers makes it simpler to acquire knowledge, promote oneself, etc. There are a variety of coding competitions open to your application.

Try new things

Website designers need to be creative and detail-oriented, to come up with their own original concepts and strategies for making money (for example, by starting their own ad serving network or affiliate marketing business online).

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Make contact with regular businesses.

Since you’re already established as a web designer, you probably have a conventional resume, portfolio site, and github account. Businesses, IT businesses, universities, and startups all have official email addresses you can use to contact them directly. The majority of businesses won’t respond to your message, but if you send one anyway, you’ll get a response from at least 3 percent of them.


In conclusion, there are many false beliefs about what it takes to develop websites and what it takes to copy codes from the web. You shouldn’t have any trouble advertising your services as a competent website designer because of your expertise in creating dynamic websites. Many businesses are constantly on the lookout for qualified web designers. There are many options available to you if you have the necessary skills and confidence in yourself to take use of them. Don’t waste your time with mindless internet copy-and-paste; instead, put in the effort to learn the material the traditional way. If you have what it takes to be employed by a corporation, you will find job in this industry.

Participate in group projects and work, gain experience with a wide variety of projects, educate yourself on the typical processes involved in creating software (feasibility analysis, software planning, analysis, designing, deployment, etc.), and so on.


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